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Our 16oz smoothies are made from high quality fresh ingredients.

Berry Blast $11

Agave, oat milk, cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter, banana.

$11 Choco Caveman $11

Peanut butter, oat milk, agave, coco powder, dates, banana, espresso powder, cinnamon.

$11 Kreamy Kale $11

Oat milk, bananas, avocado, kale, coconut cream, agave, ginger, turmeric, cashew butter



Our 16oz bowls are made from high quality fresh ingredients.

Rise and Shine $12

Overnight oats, lemon pistachio granola, peanut butter, bananas, strawberries, agave, goji berries. 

$12 Coco Cacao $13

Coconut charcoal, original granola, Peanut butter, almond butter, banana, cacao nibs, honey.

$13 Malibu Blue $13

Blue Majik, original granola, cashew butter, toasted coconut, blueberries, banana.

$13 Classic Acai $13

Homemade Acai base, original granola, almond butter, toasted coconut, goji berries, banana.


Your Way Smoothies or Bowls

Build your own by choosing from various bases, granola and toppings.

Base $7

Select from Blue Majik, Acai or Coconut Charcoal. Price is per selection.

$7 Granola $3

Select from Original, Lemon Pistachio or Ginger Hemp. Price is per selection.

$3 Toppings $1.50

Select from several selections. Price is per topping.


Freshly Prepared Salads

We believe the key to a good salad is outstanding dressing, and our home-made dressings from original recipes is what makes our salads stand out. Choose from mama’s ranch, honey-balsamic or champagne vinaigrette.

Beet It $12

Spinach topped with red and yellow beets, goat cheese, chopped cilantro, toasted walnuts. Served with thick honey-balsamic dressing.

$12 Berry Good $14

Spinach, goat cheese, blueberries, roasted chicken, and chopped almonds. Served with champagne vinaigrette.

$14 The Southwestern $14

Romaine, tomato, black beans, corn, cilantro, roasted chicken, jack cheese, salsa. Served with mama’s ranch dressing.



All our toast is served on a thick slice of brioche Texas toast. Add a side of mixed greens or small fruit cup for $2.

Avocado Smash $9

We start with Texas toast, then cover it with a thick covering of avocado smash made with cilantro, lemon, and spices. It will be topped with chopped cilantro. Red pepper flakes are optional. Chopped, hard-boiled egg can be added for $2. 

$9 Ricotta Toast $9

Our house specialty features a generous scoop of fresh, locally sourced ricotta spread over Texas toast and topped with lemon zest, drizzled honey, and chopped almonds.

$9 The Elvis $9

Crunchy peanut butter spread over Texas toast, covered with thick banana slices, and topped with zesty aioli and drizzled honey.

$9 Frittata Toast $9

A piece of Texas Toast topped with a baked egg frittata made with fresh veggies and cooked in our air fryer oven, with a side of delicious, small-batch jam. The frittata filling will change regularly. Add a side of avocado smash for $3.

$9 PBJ Toast $6

For kids of all ages. A thick piece of Texas Toast loaded with either creamy or crunchy peanut butter and topped with a delicious, small-batch jam.



Perrier $3 $3