Hawaiian inspired Poké made using only the most premium sustainable, seasonal and natural ingredients.
What is your go-to ingredient?
Garlic or Fish Sauce. Garlic makes everything taste better and fish sauce enhances most meals I eat.
What is your favorite local hang out?
Rhythm and Vine in Fort Lauderdale. Best hidden place for cool drinks, with nice indoor & outdoor vibes.
You’re going to a deserted island and can only take 3 items, what do you bring?
I would bring a good reading book, a machete knife (just in case for protection) and food, and if I could have unlimited battery, I'd bring my phone.
What does community mean to you?
Community means family. It's a large group of people that come together with similar interests, beliefs and morals. Those who love what they do, where they live, who they're with and who they are.
Why West Palm Beach?
It's a hidden gem of South Florida. Although it's still developing, so many exciting things are happening.