Do you have a wait list for cancelled dates?

In our experience, it’s rare for dates to become available once already booked. Unfortunately, we don’t have a waitlist but you are free to check the calendar as many times as you like as we update it immediately with any changes in availability.

Food Trucks?

If someone is having a special event and wants to have a food truck with something we don’t have….Definitely!

Can vehicles fit inside?


Dog friendly?

Service animals only

To my understanding, grandview is a market open to the public. Can my event be private?

Yes. Both venues are equipped to be completely blocked off from the public. Buy-outs are an option as well. Contact us at for more information on a buyout.

Can i hang items from the rafters?

Anything hanging from the rafters needs approval

Can we use your speakers?


How’s the lighting outside at night?

Both of our venues have ample lighting. We have round wicker lights and sconces on The Loading Dock and glass globes at alternating lights in The Living Room…both on a dimming system.

History of Grandview Public Market?

The building was built in circa 1950’s and was used as a shipping terminal, moving produce from the everglades north via cargo train. Revitalized in 2016, it is currently a multi-use space known as Grandview Public Market.

Can I have my ceremony there too?

Absolutely! The rental includes all events you’d like to have there within the time frame

Can my friend bartend at my event?

You can provide your own bartenders – will need to sign a waiver and they must be insured.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

Must use our alcohol – under a special circumstance we will charge a corkage fee (something we cannot get)

What kind of insurance do I need?

General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate. Your COI must list Grandview Public Market as additionally insured. Alcohol service must have Liquor Liability Insurance on top of this.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Yes, however they must be pre-approved. We do have some specific requirements when it comes to catering. Our preferred vendors are already pre-approved and familiar already.

Can I bring my own vendors?

Yes, however we recommend our vendors as they are so great and share our same aesthetic. All outside vendors must be pre-approved and must obtain a COI.

Any preparation/storage areas?

We do have a food prep area however we only have one so usage would be on a case by case basis.

How much power do you have?

We have 1200 amps

Can I put signs outside the building?

As long as they are not attached to the building or extend past property!

Can I hang items on the walls?

You can but no nailing, drilling and any damage occurred gets charged to you.

Is there electricity outside?

We have 12 outlets on the loading dock.

When can I load-in/out?

As soon as your rental begins and ends. The rentals are 5 hours total. Additional hours are available for purchase at $300/hr.

Can I smoke?

There is no smoking permitted on the property.

Do you have A/C or Heating?

In the Living Room, we have both! You can set it to whatever temperature is desired. The Loading Dock has fans and we have options to rent our heating lamps if desired.

Can I do a rehearsal?

Rehearsals can be scheduled at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event at an additional charge. However, timing is subject to other events occurring.

How late can we party?


Do you provide rentals?

We don’t offer rentals but our preferred vendors are a great place to start!

How many restrooms do you have?

Four unisex restrooms

Where does the bar go?

If you’re setting up a bar on the loading dock it can go on either end.

What kind of events does Grandview Public Market host?

Almost any kind of event. Weddings, Launch Parties, Birthdays and Celebrations just to name a few…

What’s a COI?

COI stands for Certificate of Insurance. It’s what we require from any vendor working your event at Grandview Public Market

Height to lowest rafter?


What is loading like?

Well, The Loading Dock isn’t just a name…it’s actually a loading dock! So, loading shouldn’t be an issue there. The entrance is 30’ wide & 15ft’ deep. There is also a side door on the North end of the market which has it’s own smaller loading dock.

Who can I contact for more info?

You can email or call 561-771-6100

What forms of payment of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Cash …. No checks!

Is there ATM’s on site?

Sure thing!

Is the venue ADA compliant?


Is there a curfew?

Yep, midnight! We can recommend some killer after party venues!

What are the standout venue features?

Repurposed vintage loading dock with modern/mid century/tropical/ vibe with a playful twist. Living room will have a similar feel.

What’s included in the rental cost?

An on-site manager for the duration of the event and square, bistro style tables with chairs. In-house furniture can be moved for an additional cost.

Is there parking?

Yes. We have on-site parking and street parking. Valet is an option as well.

What happens if it rains?

The Loading Dock is equipped with vinyl windows that can be rolled down in case of wind or rain.all while still keeping the space aesthetically pleasing.

For any additional questions please contact us: | (561) 771.6100